Breaking Star resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Created in January of 2003 by Stephanie Dickard with the idea to create a website to network bands across the United States.  Breaking Star accomplished this from 2003 to 2007, by hosting shows at St. John’s Phoenix and consulting on event planning and promotion. Our main goal of Breaking Star has always been to create a sense of a family atmosphere between the bands, the staff, and the music scene.

We reignited in mid-2010 to restart and rebuild our music community.

We have booked such bands as Cartel, All Time Low, The Dangerous Summer, Adelphi, The Trackrecord, Brand New Disaster, Hometown Anthem, Madison, Thin Dark Line, All Rights Reserved, Rookie of the Year, Downtown Singapore, Just Surrender,and more.

For More Information Contact: stephbaltimore@gmail.com


Stephanie Dickard
Twitter: @stephbaltimore

Stephanie has worked as a public relations and marketing consultant since 2003. Her experience is in the music industry where she has established and managed two DIY venue spaces for local musicians to showcase their talent. She has worked with a variety of people and businesses through consultation work. Stephanie specializes in effective communication to an organization’s varying target audiences using successful social media integration tactics. Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Goucher College, where her studies focused on arts administration, public relations, and marketing.